Curtains in Aleja Piastow apartment

Amazing apartment at Aleja Piastow in Wroclaw completed with bespoke velvet curtains

Private apartment in Wroclaw

An example of curtains and accessories in a private apartment in Wroclaw. Black and white fabrics work beautifully with this modern interior

Sheer curtains and blinds in private house in Wroclaw

Sheer curtains and blinds add an elegant touch to this beautiful family house

Show flat - Dom Development Wroclaw

On behalf of very well known property developer, we dressed all of the windows in beautiful fabrics

Window treatments in child's room

We added these white sheer curtains and blinds into this room to give it a much warmer and cosier feeling

Leliwa Restaurant

within the beautiful interiors of the restaurant, Leliwa inspired a true revolution. This specific commission to install windows curtains and stage curtain was tremendous opportunity in terms of thinking out of the box.The biggest challenge was to produce a set of curtains that were over 4.50 metres long and 5.00 metres wide. The logistics of having them fitted involved hiring a builder’s tower. The project was finished within schedule and our Client was absolutely delighted with the end result and with the service and quality provided.